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Special Issue: Focus on water

Jesse Berst   Is your city running out of water? The first place to look to find more
Already one out of six people worldwide doesn’t have enough water. Within the next 10 years, two-thirds could be struggling with some form of water shortage. Clearly cities need more water, but where do you find it? You probably already have it. Here’s where to look first.

Water utilities: Dump your business model (you need a new one now)
We're in a water crisis. In about 10 years, the UN says two-thirds of the world's population will face water stress: lower quality water and less of it. As excruciating as it may be for conservative, risk-averse water utilities, it's going to take a complete re-evaluation of how they do business if water quality is to be preserved. Read the story for some tough advice from an industry professional.

What Murfeesboro, Tenn., is doing to curb its water waste
Up to a third of the water that’s pumped each day simply vanishes before it reaches customers. That’s waste cities can no longer afford. Take a lesson from Murfreesboro, Tenn., which is using sensors and analytics to not only plug leaks, but help citizens conserve.

How Mammoth Lakes found 32 million gallons of water in its dried-up lakes
When California mandated a 20% reduction in water use, the city of Mammoth Lakes figured, “Why stop there?” Learn how it used advanced metering technology throughout its conservation strategy — and went well beyond its own ambitious water-savings goals.

A drought-proof Silicon Valley? 2 ways recycled water is helping
As mandatory water reductions become the norm due to a prolonged drought in California, several Silicon Valley districts have come together to recycle wastewater. It’s a new drought-proof water supply and it’s helping to keep the bay clean. Could it work for you?

The 'new' threat to water supplies: contamination from hospital waste
Technically they're called 'contaminants of emerging concern.' What they are is a combination of chemicals and microbial contaminants that can enter our water supplies. Read the story to learn about a major research project focused on helping water utilities, wastewater utilities and hospitals collaborate to keep the country's water as clean and safe as possible.


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